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Notary Public in Costa Rica. ☎️ San José and Guanacaste notary.

As a Notary Public, I can offer you various notary services.  My office is in San José, Costa Rica and in Guanacaste.  If you need a notarized act or document for legal effects in Costa Rica, I will gladly help you, from authentications and certifications to property transfers and last wills.    I have been practicing as a notary public in Costa Rica for twenty years.   Contact me when you want to buy that beach house in Guanacaste or property elsewhere in Costa Rica.  I will ensure that the property purchase goes smoothly and correctly.  I will also be happy to be your notary public, for any other notarized service you require.

Are your notarized services performed all over the country?

Yes that is correct.  I can and will perform the notarized service that you need, anywhere in the country.  As you know, Costa Rica has several provinces:  San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón.  Over the past 20 years, my colleagues and I have performed many notarized acts, such as purchase agreements, mostly in in San José, Cartago, and Guanacaste.  So If you want to buy a house in Costa Rica, or a beautiful beach property, I am your attorney and notary public for the job.  

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Do you give an international service as a notary public?

Yes.  You should know that notarized acts and documents require that you sign them in front of the physical persona of the notary public.  The signing is done in the notary´s protocol.  The notarized documents are null and void if not done in the notary public´s presence, so we will gladly send the notary public to your country and location if you have an urgent matter and can´t fly to Costa Rica.  So yes, we do provide a notarized international service for our clients.

Notarized services in Costa Rica
What is the difference between an attorney and a notary public in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, every public notary is, first and foremost, an attorney. After that, becoming a notary public is the next step.  So first, one must attend law school and pass the Costa Rican bar association to become an attorney. Hence, I am a lawyer first and foremost; later, I became a notary public.  

To give notary services as a notary public in Costa Rica, it’s first necessary to practice as an attorney for a minimum of two years. It’s also essential to have a master’s degree in Notary Law. Once the applicant fills in the requirements, the attorney achieves the status of Notary Public and may practice as such in Costa Rica.  What follows are notarized legal services I can provide for you:

Notarized services we provide:

  • Company incorporations.
  • LLC and Standard Corporations.
  • Modifications to the articles of incorporation.
  • Share capital increases.
  • Board of Director appointments.
  • Shareholder Assembly notarization.
  • Corporative modifications and certifications.
  • Property transfers.
  • House purchases.
  • Transfer deeds.
  • Property boundary corrections.
  • Real estate donation transfers.
  • Real estate and property sales agreements.
  • Registration at the Public Registry. 
  • Property Trusts.
  • Car donations.
  • Car sales.
  • Motorcycle donations and transfers.
  • Registration at the Public Registry. 
  • Notarized civil marriages.
  • Marriage registration and apostilled certification.
  •  Notarized mutually consented divorces.
  • Apostilled certification of the divorce status.
  • Notarized final wills and testaments.
  • Testament registration.
  • Probate notarized procedures.
  • Estate Trusts.


Vehicle liens:

  • Vehicle pledge constitutions (prendas).
  • Pledge cancellations.
  • Vehicle guarantee trusts.
  • Trust cancellations.
  • Notarial registration.
  • Absolute powers of attorney.
  • Corporate and personal powers of attorney.
  • General Judicial powers of attorney.
  • All types of notarized powers of attorney.

Other notarized services:

  • Affidavits.
  • Notarized authentications.
  • All types of certifications.
  • Notarized documents.
  • Notarized acts.
  • All kinds of trusts.

What notary services in Costa Rica do Notary Publics provide?

We provide a public legal service in Costa Rica. We are imbued with what’s called “public faith.” In contrast to an attorney, the notary can’t refuse a client for notarized transactions and acts. He must be impartial and act according to both parties’ will when constructing a public document, such as a purchase land agreement. 

A notary public is only necessary if a notarized public service is required. Usually, legal paperwork must be registered in the Public Registry. During a notarized transaction, the notary will authenticate the person´s signature. As a notary, I will ensure that the transaction is done according to what both parties want.  I must act impartially and register the notarized document in the Public Registry. 

Can a corporate attorney offer notary public services in Costa Rica?

A corporate attorney can provide notarized services in Costa Rica only if he is a notary public and acting in that capacity. Remember that lawyering and notarization are different things. A lawyer is usually hired to represent you in litigation. Still, it’s a good idea to have a corporate lawyer by your side when a notary public is drafting the notarized paperwork to ensure everything has been done correctly. For example, your business attorney in Costa Rica will do the proper due diligence for the real estate property you wish to buy. He will also revise the notarized paperwork done by the notary public for you. 

How are notarized documents registered in Costa Rica?

Many transactions must be registered in the two significant registries in Costa Rica. Some acts are registered in the Civil Registry of Costa Rica, and others are registered in the Public Registry of Costa Rica. These transactions and acts are signed in a public “scripture,” or “escritura,” that is done in a unique book called “The Protocole” or “Protocolo.” These transactions are called “public transactions” and are done in a “public scripture” due to the public interest the law gives to these transactions and acts. 


An attorney in Costa Rica is hired for a particular purpose regarding law consultation, litigation, or arbitration. He is the one “at your corner” to represent you.   On the other hand, as Notary publics, we must be impartial,  when we provide notarial services.  As a notary public, I am providing a public paid service, and has nothing to do, with acting as an attorney.  To be clear, one thing is to be an attorney, and another totally different is the function one gives as a notary public.

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