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Civil Marriage in Costa Rica

Civil marriage requirements in Costa Rica.

You are thinking about being wed in Costa Rica! Perhaps you are wondering about the marriage requirements under our laws?  I am a marriage attorney and will be happy to assist you. Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and getting a civil marriage is easy.  My name is Christopher Pirie, and I´m a marriage attorney.  It does not matter if you are a straight or gay couple since there is gender equality under the law. There are several legal requirements you must take into consideration.  I write this article as a marriage lawyer, to cover this subject for you. If you wish to know about the grounds for divorce in Costa Rica, click here.  

What are the civil marriage requirements in Costa Rica?
What prohibitions, if any, exist under Costa Rican civil marriage laws?

It is essential to keep in mind that in Costa Rica, civil weddings are legally impossible in the following cases:

How much does a wedding cost in Costa Rica?

Our price is US$ 700 to marry you and register it in the Costa Rican Civil Registry.  An additional US$ 100 to get the documentation apostilled for you to register it in your own country. 

How are they performed in Costa Rica by the marriage lawyer?

All Notary Publics in Costa Rica can perform a civil wedding.  I am a marriage lawyer, and have been a public notary for over twenty years and will be happy to celebrate it for you.  Both parties must sign my notary´s protocol, and I will register the wedding in the Civil Registry.  Once this is done, I can get the document apostilled on your behalf so that you can register the union in your country.

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Is gay marriage legal under Costa Rican laws?

If you are a gay couple, you can legally marry in Costa Rica!  Under our laws, gay marriage in Costa Rica is now possible.  Same-sex marriage has been legal since May 26th, 2020.  The pre-existing prohibition in the Costa Rican family code was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  I will be happy to marry you as a marriage lawyer and register it for international recognition.

Are prenuptial agreements valid in Costa Rica?

Yes.  You can sign a prenuptial agreement before or during the union.  By a prenup agreement, you can establish how marital assets should be treated and divided.  However, a prenuptial agreement can´t establish limitations or prohibitions for alimony.  This is important to keep in mind.  Marital assets are acquired during the marriage by “mutual effort.”  If you win the lottery or get an inheritance, said monies are not considered marital assets. Assets you acquire by paying with cash from an inheritance or the lottery are not marital assets either.  Having said this, reading about matrimonial assets in my blog is a good idea.

Can I register a foreign wedding in Costa Rica?

As a marriage lawyer, I can register the ones celebrated between foreigners in Costa Rica, we can´t register a marriage between foreigners who celebrate it abroad. The only exception is if the marriage between foreigners is done abroad by the Costa Rican consulate. If one of the spouses is a Costa Rican citizen, any wedding celebrated abroad can be registered in our Civil Registry.

CONCLUSION: Civil marriage requirements in Costa Rica are simple.

As you can see, the wedding is not expensive, and its valid and recognized internationally.  By hiring me as a marriage attorney, to celebrate your wedding, you will get a valid marriage, registered in Costa Rica, and all pertaining apostilled documents for your country.  Another positive aspect is that gay weddings are legal in Costa Rica.  Contact me to get you married and on your way to a happy future with your partner.

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