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Over 20 years of legal experience!
Dr. Christopher Pirie.
Costa Rican lawyer - Attorney at Law.

Trial attorney in Costa Rica.
Law firm in San José.

Law firm and lawyer in Costa Rica.
Attorney in Costa Rica

Dr. Christopher Pirie Gil.
Notary Public / Lawyer

My law firm in Costa Rica provides the following legal services, among others:

Civil attorney services:

  • Ordinary Civil litigation.
  • Torts, civil damages and restitution lawsuits.
  • Civil law claims.
  • Land disputes and property claiming actions.
  • Injunctions and dominion exclusions.
  • Civil actions for simulations and reversal claims.
  • Civil lawsuits and counter lawsuits.
  • Debt Collection civil actions.
  • General procedure litigation lawyer.
  • Evictions.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Arbitrations and Mediations.
  • Costa Rica legal advisor in Civil Procedure Law.

Family attorney at law services:

  • Civil marriage. (Click here to see marriage requirements in Costa Rica.)
  • Family litigation.
  • Divorce lawsuits and marital asset litigation.
  • General litigation attorney.
  • Divorces in Costa Rica by mutual consent.
  • Alimony lawsuits.
  • General family attorney services in Costa Rica.

Of Counsel Legal Services:

  • Immigration Attorney services.
  • Temporary Costa Rica residence.
  • Permanent Costa Rica residence.

As a Corporate lawyer:

  • Corporate and commercial lawsuits.
  • Lawsuits and corporate litigation.
  • Legal counsel in corporate matters.
  • S.A and LLC company incorporations.
  • Incorporation due diligence.
  • Corporate modifications and counsel.
  • Contracts.
  • Corporate and commercial law.
  • Business law.
  • Property Due Diligence.

As a notary public in Costa Rica:


I have used Chis Pirie for legal counsel for several years.... unlike many of his contemporaries, I find Chris to be honest, extremely knowledgeable on the laws of Costa Rica, and forthright in his conciliations. I thoroughly recommend him as a Costa Rican lawyer. In short, one of the best law firms in Costa Rica.

Richard Alan Nace
CEO, Othomed del Sol S.A
Everything Mr. Pirie said would happen has. I have my business attorneys in the United States who are very good and effective. I feel just as confident and comfortable with Mr. Pirie. He is a very good attorney at law. I am glad I found him when I was looking at law firms in Costa Rica.
Mark Koethe
Iowa, U.S.A.
Attorney in Costa Rica. Lawyer and law firm

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