Attorney in Costa Rica

Attorney in Costa Rica

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Your trial attorney in Costa Rica:

I am Dr. Christopher Pirie, a fluent English-speaking trial attorney in Costa Rica.  Our country’s legal terms for “attorneys” and “lawyers” are synonymous.  I am a civil and family litigator with a legal practice that spans the last twenty years.  I am a legal expert in procedure law and trial litigation. My associates and I, have our Costa Rica law firm in San Jose.  We have our law offices in Santa Ana and Escazú for your convenience. Together, we are a group of dedicated lawyers who provide top-notch legal services in many fields of law.  Our legal practice ranges from litigation and procedure to corporate, civil, criminal, and family law.  Hire our law firm for litigation, and I will personally represent you in any lawsuit as a plaintiff or defendant. My twenty-year expertise in law will serve you well.  

CPG Legal is a legal law firm in Costa Rica. Lawyers and an attorney in Costa Rica. Notary Publics.

As a fluent English-speaking lawyer, you will have no communication barriers with me and our team. Our Costa Rican law firm is in San Jose, for any legal consultation, with law offices in Escazú and Santa Ana.  Although this is so, we provide legal representation in all provinces of Costa Rica: San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Cartago, and Limon. We are a group of attorneys who aim to be the best in our legal fields of law, and together, we form one of the best legal law firms in Costa Rica, Central America.

In which areas of law do you practice as an attorney at law?

I am a trial litigator and an expert in procedure law. As such, my services include general litigation advice, litigious strategies, and case preparation, as well as lawsuit drafting, counter lawsuits, trial defenses, and oral and written trial litigation. 

Legal representation includes litigation hearings, appeals, injunctions, cautionary measures, and settlement negotiations. As an attorney in Costa Rica, I provide everything case-related to defend your legal rights.  

Our law firm´s legal practice focuses on Civil Lawsuits, Family, Criminal, Agrarian, Business, corporate and commercial law.  From contested divorce litigation and defenses, to civil actions, property legal disputes, debt collections and legal representation to also defend yourself. 

Our family law representation, spans from legal counseling, mutually consented divorces, to divorce litigation.  As one of the best Costa Rica law firms, we provide top-notch legal services, such as regulatory compliance, real estate closings, notarized documents, and corporate law services.

A law firm for corporate and real estate notarized services.

We are a law firm of attorneys and notary publics in Costa Rica. Do you want to buy real estate in Costa Rica? The properties in Guanacaste are beautiful. We can help you with all that is required to do so safely. We will begin legal advice and due diligence, coordinate with escrow, and handle the notarized closing and the property registration.  Our legal representation makes buying real estate in Costa Rica easy and secure. Investing in Costa Rica is a great idea. 

Do you wish to start a business in Costa Rica or to create a holding company?  No problem!  We will take care of the notarized corporate incorporation.  As Costa Rican lawyers, we are ready to provide services in San Jose, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón.  We are litigation specialists and are prepared to assist you if you wish to sue as a plaintiff or seek legal representation as a defendant in Costa Rica.

The eight reasons to hire us as your attorneys in Costa Rica:

The first reason: Legal practice duality. I am an attorney and a notary public as well.

First and foremost, I act as a lawyer in Costa Rica. However, my legal practice is not limited to being an attorney.  I have the privilege of a professional duality from which you will benefit since I am also a practicing notary public.  As such, I will draft and notarize all legal documents, contracts, and acts that you require.  This means you won´t have to hire more legal advisors than you have to.   Thus, the duality of my practice is the first reason to hire me as your lawyer in Costa Rica.

The second reason: Deep knowledge about the Costa Rican legal system:

My career began when I became a member of the Costa Rican Bar of Attorneys, back in the year 2000. In 2014, I obtained a Ph.D. in civil litigation, procedures, and commercial law, and thus, a Doctor of Law. I believe that true knowledge comes from the combination of understanding theory and placing it into practice.  Applying this combination, during a span  of more than twenty years of legal practice, has given me great knowledge.  My knowledge is the second reason to hire me as your Costa Rica lawyer and legal advisor.  

The third reason: Fluency in English.

I am an English-speaking attorney in Costa Rica. You will find that my fluency in English is a valuable trait for your legal advisor. Your lawyer should always speak and understand English fluently. For this reason, many corporate law firms in Costa Rica claim to have attorneys who do. However, unlike many Costa Rica lawyers, I have been fluent in English since childhood.  

My father´s side of the family is from Ontario, Canada, so as a result, you will receive my legal advice in fluent English.  So rest assured, you will have no barriers to communicating with me.  In short, I am an attorney in Costa Rica that will fully understand you.  Therefore, you should avoid disappointment with law firms who offer fluency, and can´t deliver.  Don´t battle the language barrier with attorneys.  My fluency in English is the third reason for hiring me as your Costa Rica attorney. 

The fourth reason: We are seasoned legal professionals with a vast experience:

I litigated my first civil trial just a few weeks after joining the Costa Rican Bar.  Over the years, I have argued countless judicial cases, both as counsel for the plaintiff and also on the side of the defendant.  On another note, I have years of experience in counseling and advising the private money lending sector. I litigate debt collection on both sides of the coin: in representation of the lender,  and many times performing legal defenses for the debtors.  

Our legal team is a highly experienced group of attorneys as we acquired more than twenty years of it.  This experience is one of the most powerful tools in our legal arsenal.  It was hard work to acquire it.   Combining our legal knowledge and experience, we have gained a great insight into how best to navigate the legal world.  This allows us to create a custom-made strategy for you as our client.  Our extensive legal experience is the fourth reason to hire us as your attorneys in Costa Rica.

The fifth reason: For all types of legal services. From company incorporations to escrow coordination.

Alternatively, we are also a corporate law firm and can provide other attorney services in Costa Rica.  Maybe you want to open a corporation and buy real estate.  Incorporating a company is simple as your corporate attorneys.  You should know that being a real estate attorney is not just about transfering properties.  

We perform due diligence, set up everything with Escrow, and draft the notarized sales contract. For all purposes, our corporate law firm in San José, Costa Rica, and Guanacaste will ensure that the property transaction is done correctly.  Our varied attorney services are the fifth reason you want to hire me to be your attorney in Costa Rica, Central America.

The sixth reason: Our excellent record of winning cases.

I am a specialist in Procedure Law, and I use this effectively.  I have argued infinite cases during my career and have an excellent client win record.  You see, many jurisdictions of law are all argued by the same procedures and principles.  Thus, combining knowledge and experience has given us an excellent record of winning cases.   

Our litigation and corporate law firm provides specialized legal services in Costa Rica.  We are a group of seasoned legal advisors and a team of English-speaking lawyers in Costa Rica, competent in family, corporate, civil, and commercial law.  We are highly skilled trial attorneys in different fields of the law. Our excellent record is the sixth reason for hiring us as your Costa Rica lawyers.

The seventh reason: we keep you updated, explain legal strategies, and return calls!

There is nothing worse than an attorney who keeps you in the dark.   Many people complain that lawyers in Costa Rica are hard to reach.   But you will find that I am an available attorney and will promptly return phone calls.  I take pride in my legal work and will support your case.  Once you hire me as your legal advisor, you will realize I greatly care about my clients.  My availability and commitment to you are the eighth reason you should hire me as your Costa Rica lawyer.

The eighth reason: We will travel to you to sign legal paperwork.

Even though our main law offices are both in Escazú, and Santa Ana, in San José, we provide legal services all over Costa Rica.  We also provide them internationally.  Even though our law firm is in San José, Costa Rica, there have been situations where clients can´t come to our country.  We take advantage of technological advances when this happens, but there are situations in which things have to be done personally.  This is why we are ready to fly to your location if needed.  

You should know that when it comes to notarized acts and legal documents, they must be signed in front of the physical persona of the notary public.  So if you need to sign a last will or some other notarized legal document urgently, we will fly the notary public to you. Our notarized international service is the ninth reason to hire our law firm in San José, Costa Rica, Central America.

Let us be your legal advisors in Costa Rica:

Our law firm has represented many happy expat clients for years.  Our Costa Rica law firm, will provide you with legal professionals for your legal needs. Moreover, you will hire me as an attorney at law, and my more than twenty years of legal experience. Not to mention fluent in English.  In short, we are the attorneys and legal advisors you need in Costa Rica. For your convenience, our civil, family, litigation and corporate law firm has several locations:  a law office in Santa Ana and another in Escazú, Plaza Roble, diagonal to Multi Plaza.  We can travel anywhere in the country, especially to Guanacaste, arguably the most beautiful province of Costa Rica. 

So contact us for a legal consultation.  Click here to read my blog! For Spanish click here:  Abogado en Costa Rica. 

Dr. Christopher Pirie.

Attorneys in Costa Rica. 

Your law firm in San José, Costa Rica.

Law firm and lawyer in Costa Rica.
Attorney in Costa Rica

Dr. Christopher Pirie Gil.
Notary Public / Lawyer

Hire our Costa Rica law firm for these services:

Litigation services:

  • Civil litigation. Law suits, counter lawsuits and civil defense lawyer.
  • General litigation attorney.
  • Torts, civil damages and restitution lawsuits.
  • Civil law claims.
  • Land legal disputes and property claiming actions.
  • Civil legal consultations.
  • Injunctions and dominion exclusions.
  • Civil actions for simulations and reversal claims.
  • Debt Collection civil actions and defenses.
  • General procedure litigation lawyer.
  • Evictions.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Arbitrations and Mediations.
  • Costa Rica legal advisor in Civil Procedure Law.

Family attorney services:

  • Civil marriages. (Click here to see marriage requirements in Costa Rica.)
  • Child visitation legal actions.
  • Family litigation and legal consultation.
  • Divorce lawsuits and marital asset litigation.
  • General family litigation attorney.
  • Divorces in Costa Rica by mutual consent.
  • Alimony and child support lawsuits.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • General family attorney services in Costa Rica.

General lawyer services:

  • Immigration Attorney services.
  • Temporary Costa Rica residence.
  • Permanent Costa Rica residence.
  • Advise on taxes.  
  • General legal consultations.

Financial legal services:

  • Money lending legal advice.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Loan structures and notarized paperwork.  
  • Mortgages, liens and loan trusts.
  • Financial legal consultation.
  • Loan risk assessment and evaluation.
  • Debt recovery litigation.

Corporate lawyer services:

  • Corporate and commercial lawsuits.
  • Legal counsel in corporate matters.
  • Company incorporations.
  • Corporate due diligence.
  • Corporation modifications.
  • Regulatory and corporate tax compliance.
  • Commercial Contracts.
  • Corporate and commercial law.
  • Business law.
  • Property due diligence.
  • Municipal and maritime due diligence.
  • Estate Planning and Trust Corporate Structures.

Notarized services:

Criminal Actions:


Everything Mr. Pirie said would happen has. I have my business attorneys in the United States who are very good and effective. I feel just as confident and comfortable with Mr. Pirie. He is a very good attorney at law. I am glad I found him when I was looking at law firms in Costa Rica.
Mark Koethe
Iowa, U.S.A.

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