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There are many legal services in Costa Rica that we offer. My name is Christopher Pirie, and I am an attorney and notary public. Our Costa Rica legal firm comprises lawyers who are also notary publics.  Your satisfaction is a priority, and we stand by to give you legal representation.  Even though our main offices are in San José, we have give representation in all provinces of Costa Rica: Guanacaste, Alajuela, Heredia, Puntarenas, Cartago, and Limón.  Jaco, in Puntarenas, is just one hour and a half away. Contact us, one of the best consulting law firms in Costa Rica.   

What legal services in Costa Rica do I provide as an attorney?

Attorneys and lawyers in Costa Rica are synonymous. We are professionals licensed to practice law. As such, our services include general advice, litigious strategies, and case preparation. I am a trial lawyer and specialize in Procedure Law. I prepare lawsuits, trial defenses, and counter-lawsuits in this capacity. Legal representation includes litigation hearings, appeals, injunctions, cautionary measures, and settlement negotiations. All in all, everything case-related is a legal service I provide as an attorney in Costa Rica. 

A trial lawyer in Costa Rica divorce and marriage annulment for a legal service.
Legal services in Costa Rica. Dr. Christopher Pirie, a lawyer and attorney at law. Real estate purchase agreement. Secure title Costa Rica.

In what jurisdictions does your legal firm provide representation?

Our Costa Rica legal firm provides legal aid In civil, agrarian, family, criminal, corporate, and commercial branches of law.  I have also argued many labor cases. We are a team of professionals ready to give you services in all of the provinces of Costa Rica: San José, Heredia, Cartago, Alajuela, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, and Limón.  We are even ready to provide them overseas if needed.  

Is there a Costa Rican State Bar?

Yes.  It’s worth noting that the Costa Rican Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados de Costa Rica) regulates our practice.    To be an attorney, I first had to become a Licentiate in Law, the equivalent to a Juris Doctor. After this, I was tested by the Costa Rican Bar.  Once the Bar examinations were passed, I became an attorney and began my practice.

Some legal services in Costa Rica we provide. Please click on the icons:


First-rate legal representation in civil, commercial, family, corporate, contractual, property and agrarian disputes.

Corporate services

Our legal firm can help you with company incorporations, modifications, shareholder assemblies, and more.

Public Notary

Notarized documents, certifications and public scriptures.

Powers of Attorney and General Counsel

General counseling and powers of attorney.


Legal representation in mutually consented divorces, and divorce litigation in Costa Rica.

Debt Collections Attorney

Our legal firm provides representation in debt collection actions, mortgage executions, and monitory lawsuits and defenses.

Estate Planning and Successions.

All Costa Rica legal services on Estate planning, judicial successions and probate procedures.

What is a Notary Public?  

While attorneys provide legal representation in trials, notaries are hired for other things entirely. Legal services I provide as a notary are allowed by the notarized function. This “public function” is exercised privately. It involves advising people on the correct way to manifest their will. Be it in contracts or acts. It also consists in certifying the existence of events that happen in front of us through notarized acts. The notary public is the second step for any professional that becomes an attorney. Only when you are fully licensed to practice law and a member of the Bar can you opt to become a Notary Public.  All of our attorneys in our legal firm are notary publics.

Which legal services do you give as a Notary Public?

They include but are not limited to: notarized corporate acts, such as company incorporations and modifications.  They also include real estate transfers (purchase agreements, donations) and their registration in the Public Registry.  Notarized contracts, acts, last wills, and civil marriages.  In that same capacity are mutually consented divorces and authentications.  I can certify copies of original documents and constitute trusts, powers of attorney, mortgages, liens, and all protocolizations.  Are you ready to buy the home of your dreams in Guanacaste?  Then I am the correct attorney and notary public for you!

Do you set up corporations and other corporate services?

Corporate services include but are not limited to, setting up a corporation in Costa Rica, such as an LLC or a standard corporation, and their modification. We represent you in shareholder assemblies and do the notarized protocolizations: shareholder minority litigation, company fusions, and absorptions. Please click on the following link to learn more about corporate legal services, on how to open a corporation in Costa Rica.

More legal services we provide. Please click on the icons:

Due diligence

Our legal firm will help you with due diligence: essential before buying property in Costa Rica.

Mediation and Arbitrations

All you need to know about mediations and arbitrations in Costa Rica.

Civil Marriage

We officiate civil marriages, and we register them.

Family Law

Family law consultations and legal services.


Retire, invest, live, or work in Costa Rica.

Real Estate Attorney

Property purchases and land dispute litigations.

Can you tell me more about family legal representation?

Our family legal services include civil marriage officiation and registering them. We also assist in mutually consented divorces.  I can assist you with help divorce litigation and marital asset distributions as a litigator. Alimony and child support actions are also included.

Do you offer due diligence services?

Our law firm in Costa Rica, offers the due diligence research service.  This is crucial before purchasing real estate.  While performing due diligence we coordinate with Escrow, and finally, we draft and register the notarized purchase agreement.

I gave a loan to someone and they never paid. Is this something you can help with?

As an expert in procedure, I can assist you with debt collections.  Depending on the situation, pre-trial debt recovery may be a good idea before filing any civil actions.  Civil actions include what we call “pure executions” and monitory lawsuits. 

Trial attorneys in Costa Rica for legal services. Law firms in San Jose, and Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I need to make a last will. Do you give this legal service?

Yes.  It´s essential to plan for one´s eventual death.  Our estate planning legal services include last wills and testaments.  We also carry out judicial successions, notarized probate procedures, and post-mortem fiduciary trusts.

Can consultants provide services?

Yes.  Consultants are usually of counsel lawyers hired by a law firm to handle a specific case.  Paralegals, however, are not authorized to practice law until they obtain their law degrees.  Therefore, they can´t provide any legal representation.   It´s important to note that falsely impersonating an attorney and the illegal practice of the law is a crime in Costa Rica. 

Can´t come to Costa Rica? Not a problem!

If you can´t come to Costa Rica, this is not a problem! We use technology to our advantage.   All notarized acts and contracts require you to sign in the physical presence of the notary public.  Even though our legal services are given in San José, Costa Rica, you don´t have to worry!  My colleagues and I are ready to help you. We can gladly arrange for the notary public to travel to your location!


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