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Credito de Hipoteca en Costa Rica. ☎️ Prestamos, financiamiento.

CPG Legal is a legal law firm in Costa Rica. Lawyers and an attorney in Costa Rica. Notary Publics.

Credito de hipoteca en Costa Rica ☎️ Prestamos, financiamiento. El contrato de préstamo hipotecario en Costa Rica, es una forma común de financiamiento.  Por lo general, este tipo de préstamo mercantil, es dado por los Bancos, ya que la hipoteca siempre se establece sobre bienes inmuebles o propiedades.  Por lo general, este tipo de financiamiento […]

Selling or buying a car in Costa Rica?☎️ Notary Public.

Transfer a car in Costa Rica

Sell or buy a car in Costa Rica. ☎️ Notarized car transfers. Car rentals in Costa Rica can be expensive, so you may want to consider purchasing your own vehicle. There are many cars for sale in Costa Rica, which you can find at dealerships or online. However, it’s important to note that to buy […]

What are the corporate legal books? ☎️ Incorporate in Costa Rica.

You are given corporate legal books when you form a corporation in Costa Rica. Corporate law firm in Costa Rica. LLC and the standard corporation.

The corporation’s legal books. ☎️ Their importance in Costa Rica. To open a business, it’s a good idea to incorporate in Costa Rica.  In other words, you will want to set up a corporation. When you form a corporation, you will receive two things: shares (or quota certificates), and  the corporate “legal books.”  You receive […]