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My law firm provides many legal services in fluent English.  I have been practicing law for over twenty years, as an attorney and notary public, from notarized documents to litigation and legal representation. If you are looking for lawyer services, then look no further.  On this page, you will find some of the legal services we provide:     

1. Litigation and legal representation:

My litigation services,  include civil, family, corporate and commercial litigation.  You should know, that these branches of law, are litigated through the Civil Procedures Code.  My experience in the past 20 years, has been focused in litigation.  My doctor´s degree is precisely in this field: as a commercial, corporate, family and civil litigator.  

2. Corporate legal services:

Corporate legal services include but are not limited to, setting up a corporation in Costa Rica, such as an LLC or a standard corporation, and their modification.  We provide representation in shareholder assemblies and their notarized protocolizations: shareholder minority litigation, company fusions, and absorptions.

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3. Notarized legal services:

Our notarized legal services include document drafting, such as purchase agreements, which include but are not limited to: real estate and vehicle purchase agreements.  Mortgages and pledges, trusts, and last wills.  Powers of attorney, and protocolizations. 

4. Family legal representation:

Our family legal services, focus on conducting and registering civil marriages in Costa Rica, which are recognized anywhere in the world.  We also carry out mutually consented divorces, and divorce litigation and marital asset distributions, through mediation, and through litigious actions.

5. Due Diligence and Real Estate:

Our law firm in Costa Rica, offers the due diligence research service.  This is crucial before purchasing real estate.  Once the due diligence is done, we help you with the purchase transaction through Escrow, and finally, we draft and register the notarized purchase agreement.

6. Debt recovery:

An an expert in procedure, I can assist you with debt collections.  From pre trial debt recovery, to full blown pure executions, and monitory lawsuits.  Both in offense and defense.

7. Estate planning, and Wills:

It´s important to plan for one´s eventual death.  Our estate planning legal services include last wills and testaments, judicial successions, notarized probate procedures, and post mortem fiduciary trusts.

Areas of practice and Legal Services in Costa Rica we provide. Please click on the icons:

Public Notary

Notarized documents, certifications and public scriptures.

Family Law

I am an expert in Family law. Divorce legal services.

Real Estate Attorney

Real estate legal transactions and due diligence of properties in Costa Rica. Property litigation, mortgages and trusts.

Due diligence and Real Estate

When you buy your property, we guide you through all the steps beginning with due diligence.

Mediation and Arbitration

Effective attorney at law. Mediations and arbitrations in Costa Rica.

General Legal Counsel

Lawyer services such as general litigation, powers of attorney, and legal counseling.

Litigation Expertise.

First-rate lawyer services: civil. commercial, family and corporate trial attorney.

Corporate law.

My corporate law firm in Costa Rica can assist you in incorporating companies, changing the board of directors, shareholder disputes, and more.


We will help you to retire, invest, live, or work in our country. Of counsel assistance with immigration needs.

Marriage Lawyer

Let me be your marriage lawyer in Costa Rica. Get the proper legal counseling before tying the knot!


I can help you get divorced in Costa Rica. This article covers grounds for divorce.

Civil Marriage

You're thinking about getting married in Costa Rica! It’s a beautiful country and getting married here is easy. We can help you get married!

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